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Prestressed Concrete Wire Strand

These wire strands are mainly used for concrete structure, like railway and highway, overhead crane construction, multi-floor industrial building and etc, Products are broadly applied to the major domestic rail, road, and construction. In short, they are Used for mechanical re-enforcement in the manufacturing of aluminum conductor steel re-enforced (ACSR) Cable & Conductor ACSR Core wire is used in reinforcement of aluminum conductors used in distribution and transmission of electricity. ACSR Core strand.

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  • ASTM A416/A416M-2016
  • Grade 1860 (270)
  • 1×7 Construction
  • Ungalvanized (black)
  • Available in Leti hand Lay or Right Hand Lay as per customer’s requirement
  • High quality durable anti-rust packaging
  • Inside out unwinding coils

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