Types of Standard Fasteners

According to several unique sizes, shapes, and uses, types of standard fasteners can be divided into the following kinds.

Fasteners without heads however come only with two ends and the threaded outside are referred to as studs.

This type consists of a head and a screw and is useful with a nut to fix a joint called a bolt.

Similarly, they can commonly be separated into set screws, machines, and special-purpose screws.


This type has a flat shape and the threads are internal. These are frequently used to connect with studs, bolts, or screws. It is referred to as a nut.

Screws known to be the thread on the screw is a particular self-tapping thread, that is called a self-tapping screw.

Another fastener related to self-tapping screws, however, was used for the wooden structures.

It is mainly utilized for joining the screws, support the surface of bolts, or join the nuts with the surface of parts.

It is called the retaining ring. This type is installed in the machine’shole groove or shaft groove and is used to avoid the parts on the hole or shaft from moving right and left. It

A pin, only used for locking or positioning and fastening,

A rivet, A fastener comprises a head plus a nail rod used to join and fasten two parts through holes to make a tool.

To put together concentrated fasteners is called connecting and assembling a pair.

The welding nail is another type of fastener that uses a method to fasten and connect to put together a part.

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