What is a strut fitting?

A strut fitting is a type of pipe fitting used to join two pieces of metal conduit or piping. It is typically used in plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. The fitting consists of a metal housing that contains a spring-loaded mechanism that compresses the two ends of the pipe together. This allows for a secure, leak-free connection even when the pipes are not perfectly aligned. Strut fittings can be used to join a variety of different types of pipe, such as copper, steel, plastic, and even PVC. They are also commonly used to join conduit or piping that is used in exposed applications, such as outdoor or underground systems. Struts are typically made of metal, such as steel or aluminum, but can also be made of plastic or composite materials.

What are the dimensions of a strut?

The dimensions of a strut will depend on the application. Generally, struts come in a variety of lengths and diameters and may also have different wall thicknesses. Generally, strut dimensions are measured in inches and range from 1/2 inch to 6 inches in diameter and from 1 to 8 feet in length. Some struts have a larger diameter or length, while others may have a smaller diameter or length.

What's the difference between 12 gauge and 14 gauge strut?

The difference between 12 gauge and 14 gauge strut is the thickness of the metal used to make the strut. 12 gauge strut is thicker and stronger than 14 gauge strut, making it more durable and able to support heavier loads. 12 gauge strut is also more expensive than 14 gauge strut.

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