What is a strut fitting?

Strut fittings are framed into such structures that are frequently utilized to provide support to cable trays, electrical conduits, panel boxes, as well as additional related tools wielding hardly limited equipment. A raceway for wiring can also be used in these structures for instance lighting systems such as utility fixtures. Furthermore, the strut can be taken up for a wide range of programs comprising shelves, ceiling support grids as well as storage racks.


Struts serve as a reasonable and cost-effective alternative due to their ability to remove the requirement of costly welding. A strut provides resilience due to the welded units. Struts Components can get assembled quickly with the help of the least training and fewer labor costs that lead to a boost in your savings.
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They serve the purpose

These strut fittings serve the main purpose to support the burden, meanwhile also soaking up impacts of the surface and assuring other stability for a longer period run is the slotted-steel and U-shaped channel that is the framework of the project in which various components are attached for instance fittings, hardware, and brackets are connected.  The Electro Galvanized Steel struts provide the finish that is most sufficient for general usage as well as give terrific resistance to corrosion.

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